Be a Hero in Someone's Eyes

At any one point in time, tens of thousands of Filipinos and millions around the world, are waiting for a corneal transplant in order to be able to see again. All of us may choose to be heroes in someone’s eyes simply be signing up as an eye or cornea donor so that once we “sign out” of this life, our corneas may live on so that others may be given the gift of sight. Remember that the decision to become an eye or cornea donor is one that you must discuss with your family and close friends so that they are aware of it and know that this is your wish.

Eye Donor Form Content

Step 1: Sign the pledge form and the Donor Card and make sure to have them signed by two witnesses

Personal Information

Print the Eye Donor Form

Step 2: Take a photo of, or scan your SIGNED pledge form and upload to attach the file with two valid I.Ds or birth certificate


Attach the file ( Photo or Scanned Document )

If you are not yet complete with the requirements, you will be able to attach it anytime without signing the pledge form again.

Please check the email we have sent to you for your reference.