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Eye Bank 2nd Nationwide Poster Making Contest

  • Published 6:17 pm, Mar. 16, 2015
  • Updated 3:46 pm, Jul. 22, 2019

This competition will enjoin the Filipinos to construct/ create a poster that will represent the theme of the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines poster contest for 2015, represented by the theme: “A journey’s end, a gift of hope, a new beginning…”

This refers to the act of cornea donation; that at the end of ones earthly journey, one can give the gift of hope and set those in need of sight on a new and joyful journey of color and vision; as the donor himself/herself embarks on a new journey of true life after life.


  1. This is an individual contest open to all Filipinos aged 13 to 90 years of age.
  2. Each contestant must have only one poster entry.
  3. Must be drawn FREEHAND on a ½ (half) illustration board.
  4. Medium to be used includes water color, oil pastel, poster paint, poster color, or crayons etc.
  5. The poster proper must be at least connected to the 20th Anniversary theme of the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines.
  6. The Poster is expected to express a message, theme or story that will influence its audience to towards a mindset attuned to the advocacy of the Eye Bank Foundation. The viewers of the poster must be motivated towards good citizenry, social consciousness and generosity of heart.
  7. The Poster is aimed towards all possible audiences since good citizenry is a relevant, general advocacy. The Poster must be consistent with the principles and advocacies of the EBFP. The poster must not possess scandalous, harmful and explicit contents. Posters with the said undesirable contents shall be disqualified.
  8. Any types, styles, techniques and associated materials may be utilized (i.e., the use of actual actors, canvass etc.). However, inclusion of copyrighted posters, or those utilized without permission from an owner, is an absolute ground for disqualification.
  9. It is the contestant’s discretion to use any creative means and techniques in constructing the poster. Posters of utmost quality, creativity and originality are highly desired.
  10. All materials for the posters shall be provided by the contestants. NO MATERIALS will be provided by the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines.
  11. Contestants must accomplish a registration form (WAIVER and OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM) from the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines. A downloadable application form is available at our website: and all Eye Bank social media accounts (pg.1).
  12. In accordance with the guidelines, the contestant shall fill out and sign the waiver form which certifies that the submitted entry shall become the property of the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines and will not be returned; and may be used by the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines in whatever format.
  13. Employees of the Eye Bank, sponsors, promoters and their employees including their relatives up to the second civil degree of consanguinity or affinity are not permitted to participate in the contest.


  1. Deadline for submission is on August 31, 2015 (Extended). Submission of entries may be by any of the following ways:

                   - Hand in/Deliver/Mailed to Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines, 2nd floor, Sentro Oftalmologico Jose Rizal, Philippine General Hospital Compound, Taft Avenue Manila 1000

  1. All entries must be unframed, dry, properly packed, and labeled. Entries using paper must have a protective backing (corrugated board), as support and transparent cover (cellophane or plastic cover).
  2. All entries must be properly labeled with the following:
  •  Artist name
  •  Artist address
  •  Artist contact numbers
  •  Artiste-mail address
  •  Title of Entry

Medium (provide a detailed description of materials used and techniques employed)

  1. All participants must submit the following documents:
  2. Brief curriculum vitae

 b.Two (2) 2”x2” colored ID photos with the applicants name on the back,

  1. Fully answered entry form from Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines (downloadable)
  2. a certification/waiver form signed by the participant that the entry is his/her original work and that he/she fully understands and will comply with all the rules, guidelines, and conditions of the contest ; and that once submitted, his/her work shall become the property of the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines . (downloadable)
  3. Participants can only submit one entry.
  4. Participation is free of charge.
  5. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations shall automatically disqualify the participant. Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines reserves the right to take legal action against participants whose entries are plagiarized (whether in part or in full) or are not their original work.
  6. The Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines will gain the right to use all winning entries in their current and future collaterals and in other present or future media and public information campaigns. The artist will be properly acknowledged when his or her work is utilized by the Eye bank Foundation of the Philippines.  However, no payments, fees, royalties nor rentals are due the artist’s beyond the prizes won through this contest.  Artists who have submitted entries waive their right to claim remuneration for the winning artworks.
  7. Winning entries shall become the property of Eye bank Foundation of the Philippines and may be used in public display in its original form, or reprinted electronically, scanned adjusted, or manipulated (for purpose of lay-out with text) in order to serve the Eye Bank Foundation’s use.


  1. Contestants’ entries that fulfill the criteria will be featured in all EBFP social media accounts. The EBFP reserves the right to choose which of the entries to feature in its social media sites.
  2. All chosen poster entries will be uploaded on Eye Bank social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and will be available for viewing, liking and commenting from September 1 to September 30, 2015. Poster Making participants are urged to invite a variety of people to view their entry, to like the poster and comment or respond on its content. These views, likes and comments are major consideration for the selection of winners, which are declared on the October 16, 2015 during the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Eye Bank Foundation. The winners of the contest shall be informed by the Eye Bank through email and telephone no later than September 30, 2015.


  • Public Views and Response   20%
  • Quality   20%
  • Originality   20%
  • Creativity and adherence to the theme   20%
  • Social Relevance and Visual Impact,    20%

Total of 100%


Best Poster         

P50,000.00                                        Special Award:

1st runner up                                    People’s Choice Award                             

P25,000.00                                        P10,000.00                                       

2nd runner up